Company Profile

Morcan, LLC


Founded: 2006

Owner: Wendy Farebrother

Certifications: NCIDQ certified


Areas of expertise:  Home, corporate, retail, Feng Shui, green design. 

Awards & Recognition

Home Magazine

(December 2013 edition)


Morcan designers Molly McGiver and Quinn Shaver were quoted in a recent HOME magazine article on interior designers who use green products.

We are a family owned and operated apparel decorator. We cater all types and size of jobs. Whether it's 

a dozen shirts for a small home based business or thousands of pieces of apparel for a large corporation,

we can handle it! We also carry our own brands as well as print for other brands.

Where The Focus Is Always On You!

Anytown A List



Morcan was voted #1 in the Interior Designer category in this annual consumer rating hosted by local TV Channel 12.

New Cube blog



Our renovation of the historic Hyperion office complex was listed as a Top 10 by the New Cube blog in its article, “Old Space, New Tricks.”